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  1. Leonore Lanzillotti and her mother Yolanda Lanzollotti in the Thomas P. Noonan Jr. Playground, locat[...]
    Leonore with Her Mother Yolanda Lanzillotti

  2. Leonore Lanzillotti and her son Frank Fanene Jr. standing in front of the Lincoln Saving bank locate[...]
    Leonore Lanzillotti with Son Frank Jr.

  3. Leonore Lanzillotti is with her mother Yolanda and son Frank in front of their Sunnyside resident lo[...]
    Leonore Lanzillotti with Her Family Members

  4. Leonore and Norma Lanzillotti join City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer and Community Board 2 Chairman J[...]
    Street Renamed for Late Senator Carlo A. Lanzillot [...]

  5. Leonore Lanzillotti's father Senator Carlo Lanzillotti and son Frankie in the snow in 1969 on 41st S[...]
    Snowing in Sunnyside

  6. Leonore Lanzillotti standing with her husband Frank Fanene in front of the Market Butcher and Shoe s[...]
    Leonore Lanzillotti and Frank Fanene with Son Fran [...]

  7. Leonore Lanzillotti's husband Frank Fanene on 41st Street between Queens Boulevard and 47th Avenue, [...]
    Snow on 41st Street

  8. Leonore Lanzillotti with her two granddaughters Arianna Fanene and Kristy Ludeman, during the event [...]
    Leonore Lanzillotti with Her Granddaughters