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  1. Amirah Nasim (right) graduates from 5th grade at P.S. 7. She poses with her younger brother Abrahim [...]
    Nasim siblings at P.S. 7 Graduation

  2. Anthony Alic playing in the snow after a February snowstorm, accompanied by his father Dujo Alic.[...]
    Anthony Alic Playing in the Snow

  3. Natalio's backyard garden containing lettuce, cucumber and watermelon.[...]
    Backyard Garden

  4. Basic training at Parris Island in South Carolina. Paul Slapikas joined the Marines in 1962 as a 22 [...]
    Basic Training at Parris Island

  5. The Tabaco family had a party with another family.[...]
    Tabaco Family Party

  6. Family picture of Neil's 3rd Birthday[...]
    Neil's 3rd Birthday

  7. Gordana Mogollon, Nadeljka Alic, Anthony Alic and Christopher M. at a Mets game at Shea Stadium.[...]
    Mets Game at Shea Stadium

  8. A portrait of the newborn Sophia Mott.[...]
    New Member of the Mott Family

  9. Fourth grade class photograph from P.S. 12. Paul Slapikas is the 8th students from the left in the b[...]
    P.S. 125 Fourth Grade Class Photo

  10. The Mott family, from left to right: Lillian, Sara, James, James, Sara, and Bradley[...]
    Mott Family Photograph

  11. Christopher M. during a snowstorm on Steinway Street.[...]
    Christopher During a Snowstorm

  12. Anthony Alic and his friends in their gym uniforms at St. Joseph's School.[...]
    Anthony Alic and Friends at St. Joseph's Scho [...]