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  1. Group of children around a table in birthday party hats. Top Row L to R: Bobby Stonehill in crown fa[...]
    Birthday Party Sunnyside

  2. Blanche Horowitz working in the garden at Lincoln Court North, Sunnyside Garden in the 1950's.[...]
    Blanche Horowitz

  3. Two girls and a boy stand on the sidewalk.[...]
    Three Children

  4. Group of nine children pose on a picnic table in Sunnyside, Queens. At top: unknown; Second Row L to[...]
    Sunnyside Kids

  5. Trudy Blody, Ann Cavanagh and Carol Pasternak pose outside the school.[...]
    Woo! Whoo! Here comes the Beautys

  6. The Big Snow of 1947-48 covers cars and the streets at Joanna's House on 40-10 44 Street in Sunnysid[...]
    The Big Snow 1947-48

  7. Ann Scherel Heller, on her front stoop, on the day of her graduation from either PS 125 (junior high[...]
    Ann Scherel Heller on her Graduation Day.