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  1. Gerard Tate, a Ridgewood resident, shares his experiences from Anniversary Day, a holiday that once [...]
    Gerard Tate, Clip 1: Ridgewood Churches

  2. Edgar Roman discusses the challenges of adapting to a new language.[...]
    Edgar Roman, Clip 2: Thinking in a New Language

  3. Everybody Tammara wanted to work with had problems with drug abuse. “Where the hell is the music?[...]
    Tammara Tillman Clip 2: Drug Abuse

  4. Beata Zalewski sits on the stoop of her house, surrounded by her friends, on the last day of high sc[...]
    Last Day of High School

  5. Neville Flowers was born in Jamaica, and moved to Queens in 1962 as a 17 year old. He quickly became[...]
    Neville Flowers, Full Interview

  6. Neville Flowers discusses neighborhood change around Eastern Parkway, the location of his first priv[...]
    Neville Flowers, Clip 2: Neighborhood Change on Ea [...]

  7. Luna Ranjit, a Nepali-American and Executive Director of Adhikaar, a Nepali nonprofit, has lived for[...]
    Luna Ranjit, Full Interview

  8. Catherine Gifford is a lifelong resident of Queens. She grew up in the Rockaways before moving to Ja[...]
    Catherine Gifford, Full Interview