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  1. A note Steven Wolfe left when he ran away from home - he hid in the gardens of Sunnyside. It reads: [...]
    Runaway's Note

  2. Steven Wolfe writes about the local shops in Sunnyside in the 1950's. He describes the candy store B[...]
    Store Stories - Benowitz', Rogen's, and [...]

  3. Joanna in Hungarian costume for a class play, made by mother.[...]
    Joanna in Hungarian Costume

  4. Mildred Kessler and Ruth Kappel, seated outside (Sunnyside Gardens Park?).[...]
    Mildred Kessler and Ruth Kappel

  5. Ben Stonehill Yiddishist - A short biography written by Lee Stonehill about his father. Ben Stonehil[...]
    Ben Stonehill Yiddishist

  6. Steve Kessler eating his good humor on 43rd Street courtyard steps where Dolid's lived in Sunnyside.[...]
    Steve Kessler Eating Good Humor

  7. A woman and a small child stand in front of Rainbow Hand Laundry.[...]
    Woman and Child

  8. Horowitz family photo 1953[...]
    Horowitz Family 1953

  9. Larry Kappel and a group of eight friends in Sunnyside.[...]
    Larry Kappel and friends

  10. Naomi Lehman writes about growing up in Sunnyside Gardens on 39th Avenue where the family move to in[...]
    Sunnyside Gardens Park

  11. Rose Wolfe, Dr. J. and Mildred Diamondstone, Roz Schliefstein, and Mildred Kessler at a 1952 party a[...]
    Party at the Kessler's

  12. Steve Kessler in front of his old building at 43-30 44th Street where they moved in 1957.[...]
    43-30 44th Street Sunnyside