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  1. Leonore Lanzillotti is sitting on her knee and holding her younger sister Norma on Greenpoint Avenue[...]
    Sisters: Leonore and Norma Lanzillotti

  2. Boats, cars, and debris washed into yards after Hurricane Sandy.[...]
    Broad Channel after Hurricane Sandy

  3. Family picture of Neil's 3rd Birthday[...]
    Neil's 3rd Birthday

  4. The fifth grade graduating class at P.S. 95 poses in the shape of the number "1" in 2015. This image[...]
    P.S. 95 Graduation Photo

  5. Gordana Mogollon, Nadeljka Alic, Anthony Alic and Christopher M. at a Mets game at Shea Stadium.[...]
    Mets Game at Shea Stadium

  6. Bill Woolf writes about his childhood in Sunnyside Gardens where he lived at 39-17 45th Street; with[...]
    Sledding at the Bowl

  7. Residents, with no electricity gather at the American Legion Hall in Broad Channel.[...]
    Broad Channel after Hurricane Sandy

  8. A portrait of the newborn Sophia Mott.[...]
    New Member of the Mott Family

  9. Receipt from DeBellis Music & Gift Shop. The receipt lists the items bought by Mrs. Mary D'Alleva an[...]
    Music and Gift Shop Receipt

  10. Fourth grade class photograph from P.S. 12. Paul Slapikas is the 8th students from the left in the b[...]
    P.S. 125 Fourth Grade Class Photo

  11. A wedding portrait of Mei Liu on her wedding day, taken by a professional photographer.[...]
    The Bride, Mei

  12. Boarded up windows on attached houses.[...]
    Boarded up Houses