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  1. Found by the first responders, this damaged American flag was raised as a symbol of hope in Breezy P[...]
    Hurricane Sandy First Responders

  2. Andrew Correa explains how he became overweight and what he did to change his eating habits to be he[...]
    Andrew Correa, Clip 2: Combining Culinary Traditio [...]

  3. Diana working on the Common Thread Community Story quilt.[...]
    Diana Huang

  4. Corinne Healy originally lived in Sunnyside from 1959 until 1966, and in 1996 she moved back on the [...]
    Corinne Healy at Sunnyside Community Library

  5. Shifra Garber sits in her New Rochelle home.[...]
    Shifra Garber at home

  6. Al Musaffi worked at the World's Fair while also studying nearby at Queens College as an undergradua[...]
    Al Musaffi, Full Interview

  7. Memorial Bench for "The Angels of Ocean Avenue" Patrick Sullivan, Vincent D. Kane, and Kevin J. Pfei[...]
    9/11 Memorial Bench

  8. Joan Flowers posing with Vernon Jordon while he was signing copies of his memoir: "Vernon Can Read!"[...]
    Joan Flowers with Vernon Jordan

  9. Residents in the Rockaways voice their frustration by writing graffiti warnings on the wall of a des[...]
    Graffiti on Rockaway Beach Handball Court

  10. Derelict park in Sunnyside.[...]
    Derelict Park

  11. From interviewer, Sheila Williams, "Rebecca Rushfield lived in Kew Gardens, Flushing New York for 56[...]
    Rebecca Rushfield, Full Interview

  12. Mario Yang talks about the Taiwanese community in Astoria and the congregation of the Taiwanese Unio[...]
    Mario Yang Clip 1: Taiwanese Community in Astoria