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  1. Mr. Mohan states that during the 1970's, immigration was difficult unless you were a high level work[...]
    P. Ramaswamy and Radhika Mohan, Clip 1: Changes in [...]

  2. Chae Blount at the Southeast Queens Author Festival at Cambria Heights Library.[...]
    Chae Blount

  3. Eighty-three year-old Moontaz Khan talks about his childhood in Guyana where he was subjected to a l[...]
    Moontaz Khan, Clip 2: Humble Origins

  4. Thomas and Mary Brigit Maguire on the day of thier oral history interview.[...]
    Thomas Maguire

  5. Anna Thea Bridge smoking the bee hive.[...]
    Anna Thea Bridge

  6. Aravella Simotas is the New York State Assembly member for District no. 36, which covers Astoria and[...]
    Aravella Simotas

  7. Hazel Lendle (Arlene Hoffman's mother) with a parasol on the rooftop of her birth home.[...]
    Young Hazel Lendle on Building Rooftop

  8. Antonina Cucchiara discusses her experiences with learning English. She recalls her time in school a[...]
    Antonina Cucchiara, Clip 2: The Only Redhead Itali [...]

  9. FUBU owners J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, (Vanessa Williams?), and Carl Brown, unidentified wom[...]
    FUBU - J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, (Vanessa [...]

  10. Robert Calabretta's Story Quilt Square represents missing and filled in spaces, which he relates to [...]
    Robert Calabretta's Story Quilt Square

  11. Robert Lee's granddaughter Carlotta Chan. When Robert and his wife, Norma Lee, moved from Manhattan [...]
    Carlotta Chan

  12. Pastor Delois Davis at her desk inside the Community Church of Jackson Heights where she has served [...]
    Pastor Davis at her desk