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  1. Steven Wolfe's report card, 2nd grade, 1946, Mrs. Lockwood's class - take note of the conduct grades[...]
    Report Card

  2. Steve catching ball at Camp Cedar Lake, YMYWHA, Poconos in Milford, PA.[...]
    Steve at Camp Cedar Lake

  3. Steven Wolfe, portrait cutout from a 6th grade class picture.[...]
    Steven Wolfe 6th Grade

  4. Group of five girls who lived on 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens in Halloween costumes.[...]
    Sunnyside Gardens - 46th Street Halloween Girls

  5. Steven Wolfe at a school outing to a park in Queens.[...]
    Steven Wolfe In Queens Park

  6. Steven Wolfe's father as a young lawyer.[...]
    Steven Wolfe's Father

  7. Steven Wolfe as a baby.[...]
    Steven Wolfe

  8. A group portrait of fifteen girls (ages approximately 6 - 12) who lived on 46th Street in Sunnyside [...]
    Sunnyside Gardens - 46th Street Girls

  9. Lee Stonehill playing roller hockey.[...]
    Lee Stonehill

  10. A woman and a young girl stand on the front steps of a brick house.[...]
    On the Front Steps

  11. Portrait of Steven and Robin Wolfe in 1952.[...]
    Steven and Robin Wolfe

  12. Carol Lynn Arndt's engagement picture - she became Steven Wolfe's wife.[...]
    Carol Lynn Arndt