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  1. The Ganesh Temple is the largest one in the area, but not in comparison to places where it is easier[...]
    Ganapathy Padmanabhan, Clip 5: Size and significan [...]

  2. Tommy talks about living in Ireland and England. He talks about the work he did in England doing var[...]
    Thomas Maguire, Clip 2: Tommy's Life in the B [...]

  3. Naida Nelson-Njoku moved to St. Albans in 1946. Her immediate neighborhood was Merrick Blvd between [...]
    Naida Nelson-Njoku, Clip 3: St. Albans after World [...]

  4. Boarded up windows on attached houses.[...]
    Boarded up Houses

  5. Tony O'Reilly's eldest son went to Ireland and met a girl, and now they have two children there and [...]
    Tony O'Reilly Clip 3: Irish Heritage

  6. Milton Freitas moved to Sunnyside in 2003, when he adopted Matilda, an adorable German Shepherd-Corg[...]
    Apartment Building

  7. Laurelton resident, Robert Lee, lived from 1897-1997. He was survived by his wife, Norma Lee, who de[...]
    Memorial Service Program for Robert Lee

  8. David Chenkin talks about the history of his family, their origins and faith and how this background[...]
    David Chenkin, Clip 1: Sephardic Culinary Influenc [...]

  9. Debris and piled up sand in front of homes after Hurricane Sandy.[...]
    Rockaway Beach after Hurricane Sandy

  10. Nadia Germain talks about visiting Haiti now that she has been living in the US for many years. She [...]
    Nadia Germain, Clip 1: Haiti to Queens and Back

  11. Newspaper clipping of an article about The Maria Rose International Doll Museum and Naida Nelson-Njo[...]
    Article about The Maria Rose International Doll Mu [...]

  12. Raisa Golubchik on the day of her Queens Memory Project interview.[...]
    Raisa Golubchik