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  1. Ruth Horowitz in her backyard at 3907 44th Street - Lincoln Court North, Sunnyside Gardens. Blocks w[...]
    Ruth Horowitz 1955

  2. Joanna as Little Bo-Peep in costume made by her mother.[...]
    Joanna Mehrer Kapner

  3. Ruth Horowitz writes about the homes, backyards, and gardens of Sunnyside Gardens, including Lincoln[...]

  4. Class photograph from P.S. 150 in Queens.[...]
    Class Photo

  5. Dr. Al Fisher with son Stephen on 48th Street rooftop where he worked and the family lived. The Fish[...]
    Dr. Al Fisher with Son Stephen

  6. Ruthie Horowitz in front of 39-20 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens.[...]
    Ruthie Horowitz

  7. Sheila Feldman, Marjorie Godlin & Annluise Williams at a school outing to a park in Queens.[...]
    Queens Girls

  8. Maps and locations of the neighborhood for the Sunnyside Gardens Stories project.[...]
    Locating the Project

  9. Report card for Marion Wise.[...]
    Report Card

  10. Western Union telegram for Judith (Marion) Wise, congratulating her on her graduation. From the Lowr[...]

  11. Portrait of Steven Wolfe at age 7.[...]
    Young Steven Wolfe

  12. Steve Kessler and Larry Kappel in Sunnyside 1955.[...]
    Steve Kessler and Larry Kappel