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  1. Ekta and her husband are shown celebrating their anniversary on a one day Spirit cruise in Manhattan[...]
    Spirit Cruises 2013

  2. Pazel Jackson shares his knowledge about the construction of Shea Stadium. Normally athletic stadium[...]
    Dr. Pazel G. Jackson Clip 2: Shea Stadium Construc [...]

  3. William E. Perry Jr. and Mercedes Larkin on the day of Cambria Heights Broken Hearts interviews.[...]
    William E. Perry Jr. and Mercedes Larkin

  4. James Wynne discusses technology at the World's Fair, including speech recognition at the IBM Pavili[...]
    James Wynne, Clip 1: Technological Innovations at [...]

  5. On their first date, Victoria Tambini said she'd never been ice skating, so Tony offered to take her[...]
    Victoria and Tony Tambini Clip 1: A New York City [...]

  6. Frank Fortino remembers his initial dislike for American food, especially hot dogs. Italian food was[...]
    Frank Fortino, Clip 1: American Cuisine and Italia [...]

  7. Ms. Hong notes that there is a glaring lack of community bond in the Korean American community in Qu[...]
    Young-Ok Hong, Clip 2: Lack of Community Bonds

  8. Jon and Georgina are both Caucasian American, originally from LA. They lived in New Mexico before co[...]
    Jonathan Ellis and Georgina Young Ellis, Full Inte [...]

  9. Liivia and “the boys” in front of the former candy store on Skillman Avenue and 46th St.[...]
    Kids Standing in front of a Candy Store

  10. Sarah Covington discusses what she was taught from media and the role models that she felt contribut[...]
    Dr. Sarah Covington, Clip 3: Media Teachings

  11. Evi and Lotte share their opinions of current-day Queens. Evi explains that Queens is becoming more [...]
    Evi Igaluer and Lotte Reinhold Clip 3: Opinions of [...]

  12. Kristijana Jakulj was brought up in Split, Croatia. She came to New York in September 2002 on her ho[...]
    Kristijana Jakulj, Full Interview