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  1. Helene Schlesinger describes going back to graduate school at Queens College in 1966, and then began[...]
    Helene Schlesinger Clip 4: Teaching Career

  2. Helene Schlesinger remembers a great many details about the 1939 World's Fair, which she attended fr[...]
    Helene Schlesinger Clip 2: Amusements at the 1939 [...]

  3. Helene Schlesinger recalls Queens College in 1948, when she was a student there. There was no librar[...]
    Helene Schlesinger Clip 3: Queens College Campus

  4. Page 86 of Queens College Silhouette yearbook, class of 1952. Helene Schlesinger (formerly Helene Ja[...]
    Helene Schlesinger Yearbook Photo

  5. When Mrs. Schlesinger first started teaching, African American children were bused in from South Jam[...]
    Helene Schlesinger Clip 5: Busing Students to Scho [...]

  6. Helene Schlesinger describes attending the 1939 New York World's Fair as a child. She recalls how th[...]
    Helene Schlesinger Clip 1: Going to the 1939 New Y [...]

  7. View of 71st Road in Kew Gardens Hills where Helene and Stanley Schlesinger live. Tess Hartman took [...]
    71st Road, Kew Gardens Hills

  8. Helene Schlesinger and her husband Stanley were interviewed in their home in Kew Garden Hills, Flush[...]
    Helene and Stanley Schlesinger

  9. Mrs. Schlesinger taught many new immigrants from Afghanistan, Russia, and South America in her 5th g[...]
    Helene Schlesinger Clip 6: Teaching Immigrant Stud [...]

  10. The Schlesingers describe how you could not go to CUNY unless you lived in city, and had to have a h[...]
    Helene Schlesinger Clip 7: Registering for Classes [...]