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  1. Gjeva Celaj with her daughters and granddaughter.[...]
    Gjeva Celaj with daughters and granddaughters

  2. David Bayer and son Zacary Bayer pose at a street fair in New York City.[...]
    David Bayer and his Son, Zacary

  3. Edgar Tinoco immigrated to the United States when he was about 10 years old in the year 2000. He imm[...]
    Edgar Tinoco, Full Interview

  4. Andrew Correa explains how he became overweight and what he did to change his eating habits to be he[...]
    Andrew Correa, Clip 2: Combining Culinary Traditio [...]

  5. Shifra Garber sits in her New Rochelle home.[...]
    Shifra Garber at home

  6. Eighty-three year-old Moontaz Khan talks about his childhood in Guyana where he was subjected to a l[...]
    Moontaz Khan, Clip 2: Humble Origins

  7. David Chenkin talks about the history of his family, their origins and faith and how this background[...]
    David Chenkin, Clip 1: Sephardic Culinary Influenc [...]

  8. Nadia Germain talks about visiting Haiti now that she has been living in the US for many years. She [...]
    Nadia Germain, Clip 1: Haiti to Queens and Back

  9. Raisa Golubchik on the day of her Queens Memory Project interview.[...]
    Raisa Golubchik

  10. Rosalind Guagliano was born and raised in the Bronx and then moved out to Smithtown, Long Island whe[...]
    Rosalind Guagliano, Full Interview

  11. Jesus Pineiro talks about some of his fond memories of time spent in Puerto Rico. He describes eatin[...]
    Jesus Pineiro, Clip 2: Puerto Rico or New York

  12. Judy Lee recalls some of the foods her family purchased during her childhood in Bayside and Laurelto[...]
    Judy Lee, Clip 1: Food Delivery Services in Baysid [...]