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  1. Dale Arthur discusses his frustration with life in NYC, and talks about ways to improve it.[...]
    Dale Arthur, Full Interview

  2. Shirley Monde (left) with her grandson (right) at the Panorama of the City of New York exhibit in th[...]
    Shirley Monde

  3. Katrina Forman in front of the Panorama of the City of New York, at Queens Museum.[...]
    Katrina Forman

  4. Sarah Bowman lives in Astoria. Discusses her career path as a social worker. Suggests colored lines [...]
    Sarah Bowman, Full Interview

  5. Christine McLaughlin discusses living in Jackson Heights. She discusses how the neighborhood has cha[...]
    Christine McLaughlin, Full Interview

  6. Christin Bowman stands in front of the Panorama exhibit.[...]
    Christin Bowman

  7. Marianne Fineberg in front of the Panorama exhibit at Queens Museum.[...]
    Marianne Malone Fineberg

  8. Diego Lanes has been living in Jackson Heights for the past 20 years. He discusses his first time se[...]
    Diego Lanes, Full Interview

  9. A former resident of Soho now living in Illinois, Marianne Malone Fineberg is back in New York for a[...]
    Marianne Malone Fineberg, Full Interview

  10. Katrina Forman, a Jackson Heights resident for the past five months, remembers going to City Hall in[...]
    Katrina Forman, Full Interview

  11. David and his daughter in front of the Panorama of the City of New York, at the Queens Museum.[...]
    David Lamoureux with his Daughter in front of the [...]

  12. Catherine McNab and Paras Ghelani in front of the Panorama of the City of New York, at Queens Museum[...]
    Paras Ghelani and Catherine McNab