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  1. This Grover Cleveland High School yearbook belongs to Ridgewood resident, Gerard Tate.[...]
    Cleveland Log, Volume Forty-two yearbook, 1953

  2. A pamphlet belonging to Ridgewood resident Gerard Tate that commemorates the 55th anniversary of Gro[...]
    Grover Cleveland High School 55th Anniversary Prog [...]

  3. In this interview, Gerard Tate discusses his life, historical events and how the community of Ridgew[...]
    Gerard Tate, Full Interview

  4. Ridgewood resident Gerard Tate discusses a ten year gap where the neighborhood didn't change and peo[...]
    Gerard Tate, Clip 5: World War II and the Great De [...]

  5. An invitation to a dance celebrating the 55th anniversary of Grover Cleveland High School. It belong[...]
    Grover Cleveland High School 55th Anniversary Dinn [...]

  6. Program for the graduation commencement of Grover Cleveland High School class of 1953, belonging to [...]
    Grover Cleveland High School class of 1953 graduat [...]

  7. Transcript of school songs from Grover Cleveland high school used for pep rallies. The songs are: Th[...]
    Grover Cleveland High School Songs.

  8. Gerard Tate has seen many changes in the religions and ethnicities of local Queens residents, specif[...]
    Gerard Tate, Clip 2: Diversity in Queens: Religion [...]

  9. A program from when the music and art department of Grover Cleveland High School put on the play "Br[...]
    Grover Cleveland High School 1953 "Brigadoon& [...]

  10. The population of Ridgewood was stable up until second World War because people didn't really have t[...]
    Gerard Tate, Clip 3: Ridgewood Economy

  11. Ridgewood resident, Gerard Tate, in his Brooklyn Dodgers t-shirt.[...]
    Gerard Tate

  12. In this clip from an oral history interview with Gerard Tate, he discusses his surprise at the racia[...]
    Gerard Tate, Clip 4: From Ridgewood to Georgia: Se [...]