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  1. Mary Kaiser recalls an ice cream parlor that was on the corner of Parsons and 45th Ave near her home[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Clip 4: Going to the Ice Cream Parlor

  2. Mary Kaiser describes how she got an allowance of 50 cents a week, which she spent mostly on pencils[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Clip 5: Part-Time Jobs

  3. Mary Kaiser describes growing up with her aunt and uncle in the Waldheim neighborhood in Flushing. H[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Clip 1: Aunt and Uncle's Pony Fa [...]

  4. This image was taken soon after Mary Kaiser's oral history interview in the Waldheim neighborhood in[...]
    Mary Kaiser

  5. Mary Kaiser describes how she corresponded with her husband Phillip before they met in person. Durin[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Clip 3: Writing Letters to Her Future [...]

  6. Mary Kaiser remembers going to the library in the 1930's. She was not allowed to go to Main Street b[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Clip 2: The Library and the League Bu [...]

  7. Mary Kaiser moved to the Waldheim neighborhood to live with her father, aunt, and uncle after her mo[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Full Interview

  8. Mary Kaiser recalls how her family could not have meat on Wednesdays during World War II, because of[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Clip 6: Rationing During WWII