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  1. Long Island Rail Road Company steam rotary snowplow no. 193 (Cook, 1898) clearing snow in Bridgehamp[...]
    LIRR Snowplow Train No. 193

  2. LIRR box car no. 3237 used as Hal B. Fullerton's office at Experimental Station No. 2.[...]
    Fullerton's Medford Office

  3. Land that eventually became the LIRR Experimental Station No. 2 at the time of purchase.[...]
    Experimental Station No. 2

  4. First train arrived at the Port Washington Station, 23 June 1898.[...]
    First Train Arrival at Port Washington, June 23, 1 [...]

  5. Montauk Steamboat Company's Montauk at LIRR dock at Fort Pond Bay. This is possibly the first sailin[...]
    The Montauk at Port Pond Bay

  6. Side view of the LIRR Cannon Ball before its first run.[...]
    First Run of the LIRR Cannon Ball

  7. Looking east at Experimental Station No. 2 at the LIRR Main Line's milepost 52.[...]
    At LIRR Main Line Milepost 52

  8. First French Dedion automobile “CJF” on an endurance run from New York to Oyster Bay, 1901.[...]
    Automobile at the First Endurance Test near Oyster [...]

  9. Long Island Rail Road Company D-53 4-4-0 engine no. 58 (Cooke, 1890). Originally a standard locomoti[...]
    LIRR Engine No. 58

  10. Men constructing plank way for Charles F. “Mile-a-Minute” Murphy's race against time.[...]
    Plank way Construction for “Mile-a-Minute” Mur [...]

  11. Rear of Mira Flores's house.[...]
    Mira Flores's House in Huntington

  12. Fullerton and his family viewing a run-aground three-mast schooner at Long Beach.[...]
    The Fullerton Family at Long Beach