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Queens Library WPA Artwork

Artwork held by Queens Library from the New Deal Art and Index of American Design Projects

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  1. Little boy's suit 1860 - This was known as a kilt suit. Made of red and black woolen plaid, it has a[...]
    Little Boy's Suit 1860

  2. Derricks next to the shorefront.[...]
    Derricks at Shore

  3. Figures suspended in mid-art during an acrobatic performance.; Hand written in pencil: on bottom cen[...]
    Aerial Act

  4. A Pair of Man's Gloves - From the first decade of the 19th Century. Made of yellow kid, they are sta[...]
    Man's Gloves - Early 19th Century

  5. Block printed white muslin dress 1830 - Showing the trend away from the Empire period. Watercolor pa[...]
    Block Printed White Muslin Dress

  6. Houses stand near snow covered fields and roads.; Hand written in pencil: on bottom left: "G-9671"; [...]
    Snow Scene

  7. Workers repairing railroad tracks, at night.; Hand written in pencil: on bottom center: "Night Repai[...]
    Night Repairs

  8. Dress Dating from about 1860 - Made of Green Taffeta. The bodice is a Basque, a tightly fitted jacke[...]
    Green Taffeta Dress

  9. Firemen in action at a white wooden firehouse.[...]
    Country Fire House

  10. Farmer huddled with his family and livestock on his house porch. The house has been destroyed due to[...]

  11. Dress of 1870 - Pearl gray faille trimmed with lavender velvet. The very short waisted Basque has tw[...]
    Dress - Pearl Gray Faille Trimmed with Lavender Ve [...]

  12. Portrait of young girl wearing a cap.; Hand written in pencil: on bottom left: "French Girl Monmartr[...]
    French Girl Monmartre